Workshops 2023

Paper Marbling

Marbling is a surface design technique where you float inks on thickened water to create beautiful, one of a kind images. Those designs are then transferred to a porous surface like paper.  In this workshop students will have the opportunity to make at least 10 pieces of original marbled artwork on traditional rice papers.
  Price: $35/student

Crepe Paper Flower Making

We will learn the craft of making realistic flowers out of crepe paper - a truly unique material! Each participant will receive enough materials to make a full bouquet of flowers. We will kick the event off with a tutorial on how to make the flowers, and manipulate crepe paper for a life-like finish and then students will have time to work at their own pace, creating a handmade bouquet.
Price: $35/student

Polymer Clay Jewelry Dish

Polymer clay is a great material for all skill levels! In this class we will learn how to hand build a polymer clay jewelry dish and add special floral details. Students can customize their jewelry dishes with the paint colors of their choice and go home with a finished project!
Price: $35/student

Polymer Clay Accessories

In this class we will learn to design our own jewelry and accessories! Polymer clay is a fun and versatile material that is perfect for jewelry making with endless possibilities. We will walk you through multiple techniques and offer a rainbow of colors to work with. Students will be able to go home with at least 2 pairs of earrings, hair barrettes, or pins.
Price: $35/student


Kokedama is a traditional Japanese gardening technique where plants are wrapped in moss to create a beautiful, suspended display. In this class, students are provided with a plant, guided instruction,  and all of the materials to make their very own kokedama plant hangers.
Price: $40/student

Basket Weaving

 Learning to make your own baskets is a satisfying process with tangible, useful results. Students will be walked through the process of creating a small basket with a step by step process that can be easily repeated and customized on your own. Students will go home with a finished basket and with instructions on what we learned in class.
Price: $35/student

Block Printing

Learn the art of block printing in this fun workshop! Block printing is the process of making a stamp from scratch and printing on textiles and paper. In this workshop, every student will have the opportunity to design and cut their very own stamp and then print a set of 5 greeting cards and a tea towel!
Price: $35/student


In this workshop we will learn the art and science behind Cyanotypes, a photographic printing process that produces beautiful, one of a kind art prints! We will experiment with shape, space, and form as we create our artwork. We will also learn the history behind this foundational art making practice. All materials are provided and no experience necessary! Students will leave with at least 6 pieces of original art, new art history knowledge, and directions for future use.
Note: We will need easy access to natural sunlight as well as easy access to a completely dark room (closets or rooms without windows are great) for this process.
Price: $30/student

Yarn Rainbows

Learn to make cute yarn rainbows with a wide variety of colors to choose from. We start this class off with an instructor tutorial and then students are able to create at their own pace. This is a great class for a crafty but relaxed event.
Price: $20/student


Learn the fundamentals of weaving as we create small coasters. Once students have the process down, they are able to create at their leisure, making this a great class for socializing with an activity. All materials are provided and students are able to take home a small, laser cut loom.
Price: $20/student


Enjoy the throwback craft of macrame during this relaxed workshop. We will learn three fundamental, must-know knots in macrame, as we create a small plant hanger. Students will be able to go home with a finished plant hanger and a small air plant!
Price: $20/student 

Minimum of $300 base cost for any classes more than 20 miles from zip code 76209 and a small driving fee may apply.

Questions? Email Savannah at anytime!