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About the Instructor

Hi there, I'm Savannah! I'm a maker and art educator who is living and learning in Denton, Texas. I received my BFA from the University of North Texas in Visual Art Education Studies and had the opportunity to learn so many incredible art making techniques during my time there.  Towards the end of degree plan at UNT, I started a line of work under the name Savvie Studio that quickly became my full time work upon graduation. I loved my time in the studio but dearly missed learning and creating along side others. After accepting the invitation to teach a handful of creative adult workshops, I realized it was a great way to connect with my community while stretching the art education side of my brain. 
I'm highly inspired by my students and genuinely believe in art as a form of therapy. Our lives are incredibly busy and there is so much power in taking the time to slow down for a moment to create. Working with ones hands is an instinctual and empowering act. When writing my curriculum, I am drawn to project based workshops that incorporate traditional techniques with an aesthetically modern approach. There is so much power in exploring traditional craft, and it is a beautiful way to prevent this historical handiwork from becoming extinct while also having a great time!
 I've had the opportunity to teach workshops for corporate events, small businesses, music festivals, universities, and private events. 
Want to work together to make your workshop dreams come true? 
Email savannah@savviestudio.com for details!