Hi there! I am Savannah of Savvie Studio. 

I am an artist and maker who is based out of Denton, Texas. I fell in love with the process of laser cutting while attending the University of North Texas for Visual Art Studies. During my senior year of college, I decided to take a leap of faith and invest in my first laser cutter. I sold my bedroom furniture to make room and turned my small apartment bedroom into a full blown laser cutting studio. Every spare second between classes and work was spent experimenting, creating, and dreaming of what Savvie Studio could be. 

Savvie Studio has greatly evolved since the early days of laser cutting from a college apartment, however, I still design, laser cut, and assemble all of my products in house. Every step from idea to final packaging happens from my Denton, Texas based studio. In a world of mass produced goods I find great joy in making the artist's hand evident in every piece; and find hope in the community that handmade goods create.

Through Savvie Studio, I aim to celebrate life, nature, and the spaces that we share with those we love. I aim to create goods that spread happiness and boost confidence through modern, energy-filled designs.