Savvie Studio is a small design studio based out of Denton, Texas. We aim to celebrate life, nature, and the spaces that we share with those we love through modern, energy-filled designs. Every step of our process, from design to laser cutting and shipping happens in our sunny Denton, Texas studio by a small team of local creatives. In a world of mass produced goods we find great joy in working with our hands; and find hope in the community that handmade goods create.

Meet Your Makers


Savannah is the founder and designer of Savvie Studio. Savannah was initially inspired to start Savvie Studio while working towards her BFA in Visual Art Studies at the University of North Texas. As a child her family worked in the construction industry so she was consistently surrounded with wood and was regularly encouraged to work with her hands. When she began exploring laser cutting in her coursework, she knew immediately that it would be a great way to marry her love for the warmth of wood and her admiration for digital arts. Savannah finds time in nature endlessly inspiring and aims to incorporate a natural ethos through her design work. When Savannah isn't in the studio, she is often tending to her backyard garden, teaching workshops with her pals at The Dime Store, or trying out new recipes!



Sarah is truly the backbone to Savvie Studio as she works incredibly hard on making, shipping, and caring for your orders. She also helps keep us organized, problem solves, and is a regular source of encouragement. We are so lucky to have her on our team! Outside of her work in the studio, Sarah is a talented seamstress, an avid reader, coffee shop lover, and a frequent traveler. Her favorite book genres are classic novels, adventure, and fantasy, noting Name of the Wind as a favorite (we are waiting on that third book, Patrick 😉). Her favorite travel destination is the green mountains of Scotland.



Greg has been our biggest cheerleader since day one and officially joined us full time in 2020, quickly making himself an integral part of the team. He works as our laser technician, keeps production organized, lends a huge hand with making our designs, and brings us little snacks when we need a boost. He wears many hats and does it well. Outside of his work with Savvie Studio, Greg is also a freelance music composer with a passion for game and video sound design. In his free time, Greg can often be found trying out a new board game, attending local chess nights, or playing fetch with his two Jack Russell Terriers.



Joey is dedicated to his role as Delivery Awareness Officer, alerting us anytime mail has arrived. Outside of his work with Savvie Studio, he enjoys spending his time dreaming of peanut butter snacks, running in circles in his backyard, and napping in the sunshine.



Nova is a passionate Studio Morale Officer, greeting and uplifting everyone who steps foot in the studio. She spends her spare time sock hunting, cleaning the kitchen floors, and trying to trick Sarah out of her lunch.