Retailer Resources

We are overjoyed to have you as a Savvie Studio retailer! As a small, family owned business, every single order means the world to us and we appreciate that you've made the intentional decision to shop with us. Below are a few resources that we hope are helpful to you.



 Please feel free to use any of our photos for your website, in store use, or on social media. If sharing on social media, we would love it if you would tag us (@savviestudio) so that we can share too!


Plant Care

While air plants can be an easy to care for, they do still have needs! Here are some best practices we've found after years of collecting and caring for them. We are always happy to troubleshoot specific issues with you too. Just reach out!


Meet Your Makers

It is no secret that independent retail is a relationship business and we are thrilled to have you in our community! Below you can learn a little more about the folks making your goods.


Place a Reorder

Our reorder minimum is just $50 so that you can easily keep your shelves stocked!


Do I need to water air plants after they have arrived to my store?
Yes! Shipping can offer added stress to the plants so they may arrive slightly dehydrated. We recommend soaking them in water for 20 minutes right after they arrive, and letting them fully dry out upside down so that no moisture gets stuck at the base of the plant. (That is the leading cause of root rot.)


Where can you ship plants?
Anywhere in the USA! Unfortunately we are not able to ship air plants internationally, but we can ship any of our handmade designs across the globe.


Help! My package arrived damaged or with missing product. What do I do?
Let us know and we are happy to help. If you placed your order on Faire, you can follow their guide on reporting damaged/missing products. We can offer a refund or have that replaced for you asap.


Do you offer vegan substitutes to products with leather (i.e. The wood and leather plant hanger, or our bookmarks)?
Yes! Let us know that you would like to make a swap and we will do that at no extra cost.


Have more questions?
We are here to help you! Please reach out if you, or your customers, ever have questions or concerns. You can contact us through Faire messages, or email Savannah at