Tillandsia Schiedeana Air Plant

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The Tillandsia Schiedeana Air Plant has thin, velvet like leaves. Their graceful leaves will sprawl out as they grow and they might produce a beautiful, red flower in their lifetime. 

This variety is approx 6 inches in width. 



> Air plants like to be watered at least once a week. You may mist them with a spray bottle, or run them under a faucet of water. If you mist, you will want to make sure to mist then entire plant every day or two.

> To ensure a healthy, long life for your plant, I recommend soaking them at least once a month. After soaking the plant, you will want to shake it out and let it air dry. 

> Air Plants light bright, indirect sunlight. They also enjoy florescent lighting, making them a great plant for offices and work spaces. 

> Air plants come with a 30 day guarantee! 

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