air plant wall hanger >> marbled wood >> laser cut hexagon design >> plant included >> copper accent

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A great way to bring easy-to-maintain plants into your home! What a great addition to a gallery wall, or a decor fix with limited space! This piece of wall art is comes ready to hang. It is hand marbled, making every single one completely one of a kind.


> 3.5" x 3.5" in size.

> Small hole cut in top of design, making it easy to hang directly on a nail.

> Laser cut birch wood that is sustainable sourced.

> Every piece is hand marbled. Marbling is an ancient Japanese water painting technique. Due to the organic nature of this process, every single piece is one of a kind.

> Can be purchased with or without plant.

> Plant is held in place with copper wire.

> Plants may vary from the one shown in the photo.


> Air plants like to be watered once a week. You may spritz them with a spray bottle, or soak them in water.

> To ensure a healthy, long life for your plant, I recommend soaking them at least once a month.

> If they are displayed directly in a window, you will want to spritz them with water more often to avoid dehydration.

> Air plants come with a 30 day guarantee!